Vertical Garden Ideas for Optimal Urban Farming

With a general trend towards healthy living and healthy consumption, more consumers now want to have a say in what they eat as well as how it is procured. In this regard, the vertical gardening systems offer some of the most innovative ways in which you can grow your food virtually anywhere using desirable farming techniques. The vertical gardens can not only be used in growing the edibles but also annual and perennial crops or plants in your backyard. There are plenty of garden ideas that you can apply in your urban gardening.

The Urban Gardening Buzz

As the cost of living rises, more urban dwellers are looking for the practical hands-on methods that they can use to cut on costs. Urban farming offers plenty of opportunities to grow your own food your way and save big. You can plant anything you want, ranging from vegetables to flowers. One of the key benefits is that it allows for optimal spatial use. Even on small backyards in your urban homes, it is possible to grow highly productive urban gardens that will meet your basic needs and also sell some for the extra income.

Homeowners have typically employed several garden ideas when it comes to urban farming. These have served their purpose but they also have several inefficiencies and may not allow you to utilize your little spaces in a more optimal fashion. Some of the common urban vertical gardening ideas include the uses of Tiffin boxes on wooden walls, pouched vertical garden systems, wall hangings, group planting systems on your vertical gardens, use of soda bottles as vertical herb garden or vegetable planters and wall planters amongst others.

Basically, what and how you can design your vertical garden systems is only limited by your imagination. You can utilize basically anything that will bring out a healthy vertical urban garden. A more efficient method to carry out urban gardening in a clean, healthy and optimal environment is through the use of the hydroponic vertical gardening.

What is hydroponic vertical gardening?

Adapted from the Nutrient Film Technique, the hydroponic farming technique involves a shallow stream of nutrients that circulates around the bare roots of the plants. The channel used to circulate the nutrients is watertight. The method is tested and highly efficient. It also helps in shortening the growing period of various plants while maximizing on your yields.

It removes various complications that typically hinder plant growth such as overwatering the garden or underwatering. You can simply plug it in your home and provide the right amount of water and nutrients for the plants to grow. You can simply transplant your plants in the mesh pots of the systems and watch them grow.

There are many advantages associated with this system. First, it does not involve any dirt or digging. In addition, there is no weeding, plowing, tilling or watering. The plants that have been planted in this way also have higher nutrient levels compared to those that have been grown in the normal or conventional way. There is also the richness and vibrancy of the plants that have been grown through the hydroponic vertical gardening system.

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